Commitment to customers, loyalty to partners, caring for employees and faithfulness to Christian principles are the guiding factors that drive the company.

Akiyama is a biometric identification company that operates in various forms of application of biometrics for enrollment, recognition and authentication of people.

The company was founded in 2005 and remains until today 100% national.
With significant growth, it was among the 5 fastest-growing SMEs (in Paraná / in the country *) in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

His profile has earned him some awards that reveal his founder's always innovative character, such as: Award at the Isla Américas event, in the managerial professional for information security Project category; Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernest & Young Terco; Citzen ID Forum category winner at the ID World International Congress 2012 event.

The company continually invests in R&D for solution development and customization. It has national and proprietary software and hardware, however, always aims to seek the best technological option for identification solutions, so that not only develops and markets its own technologies, but is proud to represent the main global brands through partnerships solid and lasting.

It has a factory in Pato Branco, within a technology park, where it performs the basic production process of various devices (own and third parties) reinforcing the company's commitment to the development of the country through research and generation of jobs and income.

In a country of continental dimensions, Akiyama is present providing service throughout the national territory.
Currently provides technical support and maintenance in more than 5,000 municipalities, including all capitals.

Constant evolution

The company continuously invests in R&D for the development and customization of solutions. We have national and proprietary softwares and hardwares; however, we always aim at searching for the best technological option for identification solutions, as a way of not only developing and commercializing our own technologies, but also being proud to represent the main global brands, through solid and long-lasting partnerships.

Technology park

We have a manufacturing unit in Pato Branco (Paraná), inside a technology park, where we carry out the production process of several devices (our own and of other companies), reinforcing the company’s commitment with the country’s development through research, job creation and income generation.

Nationwide performance

In a country with continental dimensions, Akyiama performs services throughout the national territory. Currently, we provide technical and maintenance support in more than 5 thousand cities, including all capitals.


Making difference in biometric markets through dynamism, creativity, integrity, and faith.


(Português do Brasil) Trabalhar por PRÓPOSITO; Cuidar e valorizar PESSOAS; Revelar e proteger a VERDADE; Criar valor por meio de INOVAÇÃO.


Work for purpose, take care and value people, reveal and protect the truth and create value through innovation

Quality Policy

Promote the continuous improvement of products and processes to enhance and value customer satisfaction and human capital, respecting the current legislation and quality standards established by the organization.

Quality objectives

Continuously improve processes; Increase the productivity index of the company; Increase customer satisfaction.